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Boho Style in our Eco Black Maxi Dress

The Double Layer Maxi Dress is our most popular dress. Our fastest selling, and a staff favorite besides... And we didn't think you could tell us anything new about it, but Sustainable Siren proved us wrong and wore it in a whole new way. We love the way she crisscrossed the neckline straps to create a bohemian, sorceress vibe. It's boho fashion, but 100% ethically made—and we love it! 

Jennifer named this look after Alectrona, a Greek goddess of the Sun and morning, and the name is reflected by the striking vintage sun belt. The vegan Bhava sandals worn with the dress are covet-worthy as well. To get the details on Jennifer's outfit, visit

Organic Cotton Clothing - Maxi Dress

Sustainable Siren wearing Indigenous Organic Cotton Maxi Dress | Ethical Summer Fashion

Want to shop her look? For the belt, you'll have to scour vintage stores yourself. But you can get the organic cotton Maxi Dress from INDIGENOUS. Black sold out, but you can still grab it in cargo green while it lasts. 

Jennifer of Sustainable Siren Blog | Ethical Fair Trade Sustainable Fashion Clothing

"It's not about giving up fashion; it's simply about adopting a conscious approach to it." -Jennifer of Sustainable Siren

Follow her blog and instagram account for gorgeously styled ethical fashion.


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