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Community Grants and Projects

Women receiving free training through fair trade programs | Community Grants and Projects

We may be one of the first fair trade fashion companies, but that’s not where our story ends. Our efforts are ongoing, and we strive constantly to find new ways of impacting our artisans lives for the better. 

Women receive free training to achieve economic independence

Free Training

We help women escape domestic abuse and achieve economic independence by investing in programs that provide free skills training and materials. 

Every year, 50 women are brought into our artisan supply chain and provided with free training and supplies. Another 100 established artisans receive free advanced training, improving their economic prospects. 

We provide clean drinking water to Peruvian artisans, their families and communities

Access to Clean Drinking Water 

We help provide 250 artisans and their families with a stable source of clean drinking water. In the arid Andean Highlands water is a scarce resource. Easy access to clean water adds to community safety, health, and happiness. 

Quality childcare provided to artisans | Fair trade clothing

Quality Childcare

We support ever greater access to quality, low-cost childcare to our artisans. This is an integral element for mothers to achieve economic independence and stability for themselves and their families. 

Yo Hice Tu Ropa | Fashion Revolution | Fair Trade Clothing Producers

Physical Enrichment Classes

Our Fair Trade Certified partner factories host classes to promote physical and emotional community wellness. These classes include Zumba, Yoga, and dance! These artisans paused their Zumba class to hold signs for Fashion Revolution Day, 2017. 

School access to children in Peruvian Highlands | Fair trade clothing

Highland Schools

With our partners in Peru, we financially support schools in extremely remote areas of the Peruvian HighlandsWith access to quality education, children living in some of the poorest areas of the world can have hope for a brighter future.






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