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Earth Day - Alpacas of the South American Highlands and How You Can Help

Why we love alpacas

Alpacas are integral to their native South American environment, a main income source for Andean Highland communities, soft on the earth, not to mention alpacas are adorable!

The bad news

Due to an increasingly erratic and hostile climate, the alpaca population of South America is dying at an alarming rate. From floods to freezing temperatures, to drought, life in the Andes has gotten more extreme, impacting the health of native camelids like the alpaca. This affects not just the alpaca, but also the communities of indigenous people who rely on them for fiber, and for income. 

Let's help!

This week, celebrate the Earth with 15% off your order + we will donate an extra 15% to help save alpacas and to support the indigenous herders and communities that are suffering from their loss.

Give 15% and Save 15% | Code Alpaca

Indigenous South Americans Who Raise Alpacas

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