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Eco Friendly Tencel

Womens sustainable fashion tencel clothing sweater

Tencel is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton, cooler than linen, and naturally antibacterial.



Tencel is derived from wood fibers sourced from sustainable forest plantations on lands not suitable for agriculture. The wood is processed into fiber in a closed loop system that contains and reuses solvents at a rate of nearly 100%. This production process received the "European Award for the Environment" from the European Union.
Tencel is completely biodegradable, quickly breaking down within 80 days. The production of Tencel also consumes less water—between 10-20 times less than conventional cotton.

Softer than Silk

Tencel fibers have an ultra smooth surface. This makes fabrics made from Tencel softer, and perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Our design team loves to combine organic cotton and Tencel yarns to create sweaters with a uniquely luxe feel.

Tencel sustainable fiber clothing


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