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Organic Cotton Farmers

Organic Cotton Clothing | Sustainable fashion made with natural organic pima cotton

Organic cotton clothing protects farmers, the land, and you.
We help independent farmers achieve organic certification. This ensures that they receive a higher price for their crops while keeping herbicides and pesticides off their land, and away from their bodies & familiesOur organic cotton is produced on small, often family-operated farms in Peru, much of it in the Chincha and Lambayeque valleys.

Conventional cotton is one of the most polluting crops in the world, constituting 25% of all the insecticide use and 10% of all pesticides. Some of these chemicals have been identified as some of the deadliest in the world, endangering the lives of farmers and their families. Worst of all, most of these toxins are never fully eliminated, polluting the land and finding their way into your clothes.

Peru, where our cotton is produced, has banned GMO seeds. This reduces the risk of crop contamination that exists in other cotton producing countries.

Since 1994, we have used only 100% certified organic cotton, free of all chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and defoliants. When you wear our cotton clothing, know that it is the best possible choice for you and the environment. 

Organic cotton clothing | Sustainable fashion and eco green clothes


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