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Women We Love: Shivika Sinha

Shivika is an advocate for socially and environmentally conscious consumerism, and an award-winning social entrepreneur. After spending a decade in retail and helping sustainable fashion brands achieve their goals, she's starting her own: the Veneka, an ethical capsule wardrobe service that has just launched. We love how she has combined her passions—fashion and sustainability—into her rocketing career. Read her interview, then shop her curated collection.

 Shivika Sinha - Conscious Fashion Advocate - Sustainable Clothing Entrepreneur





"Getting ready is a ritual of creative expression. It’s a time to become who you want to be and use your fashion choices to create the future you wish for the world."


Describe your style. How does your clothing reflect your personality? 

I have a personal capsule wardrobe of 10 pieces that work together to create nearly two months of outfits. I began my capsule approach during my career in luxury fashion when I needed to look polished and up-to-date with the latest trends while spending no time or mental energy in the morning.  

Now, I’m a social entrepreneur working at breakneck speed to bring the world’s most sustainable and ethical brands into the homes of consumers. I need to be highly selective about where I spend my time and decision-making mental energy, so the process of getting dressed needs to be quick and decision-free. I’m also creative and spent a decade working in fashion. My style has become a form of personal expression and wearing the same thing every day does not energize me.

I would describe my current capsule as comfortable, well-tailored and ready for anything. 


What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

I love my pieces from sustainable and ethical brands because of the stories of passion and purpose behind each garment.


What is your favorite Indigenous piece in your closet and why?

I love my Shaggy pullover. It’s a unique stand-out sweater that can be dressed up for a high-fashion look or dressed down for a casual day. I also love my Boiled Wool Coat which I throw over any outfit to add warmth and sophistication.


What's your most significant consideration when getting dressed? 

Time. During my career in high-fashion in New York, and my life as a social entrepreneur in San Francisco, my capsule wardrobe approach has saved me time and precious mental energy every day. Spend 15 minutes a day deciding what to wear adds up to nearly 100 hours per year. That’s time I’d rather spend building a compassionate future. 


Shivika Sinha - ethical fashion advocate





"I love...witnessing the interconnectedness of all places, people and creatures. We are all truly knit together." 


How do you remain grateful in hard times?

I keep a gratitude journal and remind myself of all my blessings. 


What do you do to care for yourself?

I meditate, exercise, dance, create art, read and spend time with loved ones. My work as a social entrepreneur is more than a career, it’s a calling and my life’s mission, and it is all consuming. It took me a long time to realize how important it is to take time to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.


What is your favorite place on the planet? 

I’ve lived in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India and the United States. I’ve traveled to countless more countries. What I love beyond any single place is witnessing the interconnectedness of all places, people and creatures. We are all truly knit together. 





"Every women is a creative force of goodness in this world"


Tell us about your new company! What need did you see that needed filling?

The Veneka is a personalized capsule wardrobe service. A stylist will lovingly hand-curate 7-10 items that will create 25-50 outfits to empower your unique life, style, body, and values. You’ll be able to try on each piece at home, pay only for the ones you love and return the rest. Our styles will come from a highly selective list of the world’s most sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Our waitlist is rapidly growing, and we're excited to give early access to those who sign up. 

Getting ready is a ritual of creative expression. It’s a time to become who you want to be and use your fashion choices to create the future you wish for the world. The Veneka, which translates to ‘creative builder,’ is a vehicle for this creative ritual while freeing up time and mental energy every day for the things and people we love. 

Every woman is a creative force of goodness in this world, and my intention with The Veneka is for every woman to unleash her best self and vision for the world. Over the next few months, I'll be documenting my journey to build this company on Instagram



Shivika Sinha - ethical fashion advocate


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