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Holiday Collections

Sustainable wardrobes & fair trade gifts curated by women we know & love.

Britta Reynolds

Sustainable Fashion Designer

“I wanted everything to have depth and texture. I wanted to highlight the talent of the artisans I work with and apply unique patterns and stitches to the softest materials.”

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Jessica Switzer Green

JG Switzer, CEO & Founder

"Clothes are about shared memories for me, like enjoying music or sharing wine is for many people."

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Shivika Sinha

The Veneka, CEO & Founder

"I love sustainable and ethical brands because of the stories of passion and purpose behind each garment."

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Soirée Style

Their top looks for seasonal get-togethers.

Favorite Gifts

What they’re giving for the holidays.

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the gift of fair trade

What if your gift gave more? A fair trade gift is a gift of economic empowerment, a gift of education, a gift of environmental stewardship. A fair trade gift celebrates cultural diversity, it honors cultural heritage and revitalizes traditions. Gift thoughtfully. Gift fair trade.